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Our mission at Rare Genetics, Inc. is to develop genetic tests for reptile keepers that are reliable and affordable. We want to provide you with the opportunity to get to know your pet at the DNA level!

With 20 years of experience both keeping reptiles and developing genetic tests, we are uniquely prepared, and thoroughly excited, to get your shed skins and give you back more information about your pets!


Ben grew up catching snakes and lizards from as far back as he can remember. Over the years he was able to keep snakes that he caught for a few days here and there. In 1999 he got a ball python, and that was his first experience in keeping a snake long-term. In 2000 he began working in a herpetology lab on campus at Utah State University with Joseph R. Mendelson III.

Ben has continued to keep and breed snakes, and has worked in molecular biology labs since then. In 2011 Ben completed his dissertation at Utah State University on genetics in ball pythons. Rare Genetics, Inc. is the product of bringing together Ben’s reptile keeping and DNA testing experience from the last two decades. He is very excited to serve you, and help you get to know more about your pet reptiles!


Owner and Operator: Benson H. Morrill, PhD

For those of you interested in checking it out, here is Ben’s dissertation on snake genetics.